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Floyd Decker, Owner and Operator, began his professional career building new custom homes in up-state New York, Floyd relocated to Texas in 1979 to pursue his Telecommunications degree. In 2005, after a long-run leadership role in Telecommunications, he opened Pantera Custom Homes. As a customer service advocate Floyd is focused on establishing Pantera Custom Homes as a premier builder of energy efficient, environmentally friendly, and technically advanced new custom homes.
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Pantera Custom Homes is committed to building individual fine custom homes with a high degree of customer participation in the design and construction process. We believe that today's custom homes must meet a higher standard than those of the recent past. The beauty of our designs speaks for themselves, as displayed in the many photos on this website. Each home is a reflection of our client's vision and the creativity of our design team.
Pantera Custom Homes fully evaluates new technologies to ensure we are building superior homes. A major consideration, more and more, is to build a home that will help reduce energy cost but also be built better and stronger. New technologies can result in much more energy efficient homes and can reduce insurance costs due to superior fire, termite and mold resistance. We also believe that our homes must be state of the art in the utilization of technology for home automation, entertainment, security, lighting, and internet connectivity.
Pantera Custom Homes fully supports the growing trend toward environmentally friendly green building. Various attributes of green building appear in every project we do. It is our firm belief that our customer's money is best spent in building the most energy efficient, structurally sound, frame and envelope. This design philosophy better supports technologies such as solar heating and power generation, heat pumps, and wind generation.

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